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​Managing your own fleet is not your core business, let Nereus do the work! 

  • Nereus is the single largest catalog of maritime containers in the world.

  • Largest container auction in the world.

  • We offer insurance and guarantees for all transactions and logistics.

  • Global inventory view. Manage your assets in storage. We directly integrate with depots and logistics operations.

  • Nereus technology can consolidate data from multiple asset management systems within the maritime and logistics industry.  Through API and EDI integration Nereus can format and automate processes across the leasing, import, and export supply chain.

  • Free for SOC shippers to be set up.

  • We only charge a small handling fee for containers managed on the system. 

  • Integrated logistics, routing, and drayage tariff management. Templated routes allow the user to quickly dispatch equipment movements through API/ EDI.

  • Automated messaging allows for tracking the location of equipment.

  • Nereus compatibility with Port, Depot, Carrier, and Rail gives visibility to the user of where equipment is

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