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Sellers Advantage

Streamlining Container Operations for Enhanced Efficiency and Revenue Generation

To optimize container operations and boost revenue generation, several key strategies can be implemented:

  • Effective Liquidation Strategies: By conducting market research and determining optimal selling prices based on demand and supply dynamics, the Seller can maximize revenue per container during liquidation. Exploring different liquidation channels, such as online auctions and Global Inventory listings, can attract a wider range of buyers on Nereus and increase the chances of securing higher prices.

  • Improved Asset Management with Nereus: Implementing Nereus, a robust asset management system, can enhance liquidity for assets. With its high volume capacity and capability to handle millions of containers, Nereus streamlines container fleet management, tracking movements, optimizing logistics operations, and increasing visibility. This allows existing manpower to focus on more strategic tasks, freeing up resources for the core business.

  • Minimizing "Chasing" Activities: Nereus minimizes the need for constant follow-up and monitoring in various areas. It provides real-time tracking and monitoring features for logistics and movement visibility, automates alerts for maintenance and repairs in container fleet management, and streamlines billing and accounts receivable processes through integration with financial systems.

  • Streamlined Depot Management and Storage: Nereus' centralized system optimizes depot management and storage of containers. It facilitates efficient inventory management, ensuring containers are readily available when needed, thereby reducing depot and storage costs. Furthermore, Nereus enhances port and drayage handling by providing visibility into container movements and streamlining logistics operations.

  • Automated Drayage Carrier and Tariff Management: By automating drayage carrier and tariff management using Nereus, the manual effort required for negotiating rates and managing contracts is significantly reduced. This streamlines operations, saves time, and increases efficiency in managing drayage activities.

  • Pre-selling Inventory and Targeted Availability Dates: With Nereus, the company can pre-sell inventory based on targeted availability dates (In Gate). This proactive approach allows buyers to plan their container needs in advance, leading to increased customer satisfaction and potentially higher revenue.

  • Eliminating Manual Spreadsheets: Nereus eliminates the reliance on manual tracking through spreadsheets by providing a centralized and automated solution for managing units worldwide. This significantly reduces errors, improves accuracy, and enhances overall efficiency.

  • Empowering Buyers with Tools: Providing buyers with efficient tools, such as user-friendly online platforms or mobile applications, enhances their purchasing experience. These tools can enable buyers to browse available inventory, place orders, track shipments, and access relevant information easily. By empowering buyers, the company can enhance customer satisfaction, drive sales, and attract more clients.

By implementing these strategies, the company can streamline container operations, maximize revenue, reduce costs, and provide a superior experience for both buyers and internal stakeholders.

How do we charge sellers?

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  • We strive to offer competitive and transparent pricing for sellers, providing value-added services and support throughout the selling process. Should you have any further questions or inquiries regarding our seller program please do not hesitate to contact our team. 

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