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Shipping Container Management



A simple and powerful way to manage your container supply chain


Transaction Management 

Track your fleet quotes and orders with precision 

Manage your purchases and container fleet liquidations.

Easy-to-use interface for buyers and sellers.

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Integrated Technology 

Connected Technology

Nereus can see where your inventory is and where it's going. Integrate and track your inventory movement through API or EDI to have a seamless event-driven inventory system that helps you make decisions that directly benefit your bottom line. Automate your reporting to your financial team or ERP platform, so you can focus on managing and moving equipment. We are cloud-first infrastructure driven, where scale and failover are baked in, giving you peace of mind that your data is always available when you need it. #connected

Global Inventory Management 

Nereus platform provides our most sophisticated trading features for active container traders looking for an edge.

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Optimized technology for buyers and sellers 

Container Auction

Our auction feature offers sellers and buyers to manage the buying and sale of container assets through a digital platform, consolidating all the information on an easy-to-use platform.


Nereus Specifications

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Information at your finger tips

Consolidated view and user interface 

Real-time inventory view

Inventory worldwide connected by technology creating a digital twin of global fleets 

Data Integration

Cloud Native and Blockchain Capability


REST-API architecture to enable EDI data integration and digital services 

Easy workflow 

No more excel spreadsheets!

Designed by industry professionals for industry professionals to manage container operations

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Selling Assets Made Easy


  • Global Off-Hire Inventory Management

  • Fleet Management

  • Equipment History Ledger

  • Liquidation of Unused Assets

  • Depot Management

  • Order Management

  • Equipment Auction

  • Container Repositioning and Logistics

  • Maintenance and Repair Management 

  • Drayage Carrier and Tariff Management

  • Customer Relations Management (CRM)

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Buying Assets With More Confidence


  • Equipment valuation

  • Container Procurement

  • Order Management

  • Equipment Auction

  • Container Logistics

  • Supply and Demand Visibility

  • Depot Management

  • Container delivery 

  • Customer Relations Management (CRM)

  • Maintenance and Repair Management


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